Don’t Search Outdated Homes For Sale Listings

Don't search outdated real estate listings
If you have done any type of internet searches for the term “homes for sale” or any derivative thereof, you will probably find three or so popular websites that always come up at the top of your search results page. We all know which internet real estate listing companies have cornered the market on this but what you don’t know is that these companies can actually carry outdated listing information.

Case in point – I received a telephone call yesterday from a potential buyer. Mr. Buyer said he was looking at a listing in West Akron on a third party listing website and wanted to set up a showing appointment with me. Mr. Buyer was very excited and was ready to purchase with cash if he liked what he saw. Of course, being a diligent real estate professional, I was looking forward to working with Mr. Buyer and helping him obtain the property he wanted.

I quickly logged into my region’s Multiple Listing Service database (which I pay a hefty annual fee to be able to access) to search for the address Mr. Buyer was interested in. “Mr. Buyer, can I have that address again?”, I said after I had input the data into the website twice. “Can you double check that please, Mr. Buyer?” This is not a good start to the business relationship I had hoped with Mr. Buyer.

It turns out that the listing he was referencing from the popular listing website had old data which had not been updated. The property Mr. Buyer wanted to purchase had been sold back in October of last year, and nobody removed the listing from the website. Believe it or not, this is not an anomaly. As the real estate market starts to heat up and inventory turnover happens more quickly, these real estate residential listings can be on the market one day and sold the next but will still appear as available on those third party listing websites.

My best advice for all real estate residential home buyers in Akron and all over the country is to work with a real estate agent who is also a REALTOR®. Your representative will have access to the freshest data which is updated daily (except weekends and holidays).

It might be fun to look on your own on the internet but to avoid wasting your time and dashing your hopes and excitement, it is best to have a competent real estate agent represent you and help you find the best home for you and your family. If you do like to look online, go to a licensed real estate professional’s website like mine here, to use the most updated data available. The third party websites are not in the real estate business like we are. These companies are in the internet advertising business and are ambivalent to your needs and wants; therefore they might or might not fulfill them.

I am always available to answer your questions and to help you buy or sell your home if you are interested in the Greater Akron real estate market. Feel free to contact me anytime if you’re in need of assistance with regards to any real estate matters.