Quin L. Aw, REALTOR - Akron Real Estate

Selling and buying real estate in today’s market is a complicated process and as such, it is always advisable to hire a licensed real estate professional to represent your interests.

Your Greater Akron REALTOR ® should have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the journey, from beginning to the closing of the deal.

Selling Your Home

  • As your local Akron REALTOR ®, I will do a comparative market analysis of your home and can advice you on the value of your property in today’s market.
  • I will use my experience and knowledge to aggressively market your home to the targeted local Ohio and international relocating demographic, online and offline at no extra expense to you.
  • Akron home sellers will benefit from my background in business to successfully negotiate the highest and best price for your property.

Quin Aw, ePRO member


Buying Your Home

  • Hiring a real estate professional to help you buy a home usually comes at a very minimal financial cost the the home buyer, so why not procure the local representation instead of trying to go it alone?
  • As an Akron home buyer’s agent, I can advise you on obtaining financing to purchase your new home and provide you with the most accurate and updated market listings in the neighborhood that you’re looking in.
  • Acting on your behalf, I will also negotiate the best price for the home you wish to purchase and guide your through the contingency and home inspection process.


Ohio state laws, Summit County rules and regulations are complex and ever-changing. Akron real estate professionals are well equipped to guide the home sellers and home buyers through the whole process lawfully and legally.

If you need any help or advice that is real estate related, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

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